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The Demolition Plan

  On 1/1/2021, King's Creek LLC filed demolition and stabilization plans with DCRA to stabilize the facade and portions of the existing walls to allow for the partial demolition of the inside of the building.  The purpose of this plan was to preserve as much of the existing building as possible while safely remediating the contaminated soil within the building.  While drilling footers for the steel supports, our team experienced a "flashover event" where fumes that were trapped in the basement of the building ignited, causing a flash fire.  The flames only lasted a split second, but it was enough for one of our team members to require medical attention.  

  After the flashover event, we brought in Tidewater Environmental to help us assess the best way to completely clean the building while prioritizing worker safety.  Their recommendation was strong and unanimous: the building has to come down.  To that end, we have filed a raze permit with DCRA and expect to begin construction activities in the fall of 2023.  Berg Demolition will be in charge of the work on site.  

Once the permits are issued, we will update the below schedule so that neighbors can plan around the potential noise and/or disruption that comes with construction.  We anticipate starting the work in October / November of 2023.  

Tasks and Timeline

Hand Work

  • Clear Existing Trash and Debris from Building – 5 Days

  • Install Protective Walkway Over 2337 Egress – 1 Day

  • Install Protective Walkway Over Basement Patio – 1 Day

Brokk with Hammer Attachment

  • Brokk Separation at Roof Deck Between 2301 – 5 Days

  • Brokk Demo at Roof Deck Along Champlain Street – 3 Days

  • Stone Wall Demo At 2301 (Exposed at alley)  – 10 Days

Pneumatic Demo Hammers

  • Stone Wall Demo at 2301 (Up against adjacent wall) – 10 Days​

  • Stone Wall Along 2337 – 5 Days

Pneumatic Demo Hammers

  • Demolish Concrete Structure – 20 Days

Excavator w/ CP Attachment

  • Below Grade – 5 Days

Noise Levels

  • Brokk w/ Hammer Attachment:  This will be fairly loud, the hydraulic hammer will produce consistent hammering noise like a hammer on an excavator.

  • Pneumatic Hammers (Rivet Busters): This is also loud, but not as bad as the Brokk.  Pneumatic hammers (rivet busters) produce consistent hammering noise similar to a jackhammer used for breaking up a sidewalk.

  • Excavator: This will be a moderate level of noise.  The engine noise is similar to if you were standing next to a tractor-trailer hitting the gas at a stoplight.

  • Excavator with CP Attachment:  What you would imagine concrete being crushed would sound like.  We will use the excavator to crush concrete on site and maneuver the debris around the site.  

  • Bobcat:  The engine noise is similar to if you were standing next to a pickup truck hitting the gas at a stoplight.

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